Accounting & Tax Services



·  The additional services needed to operate a Dutch company
   or other Dutch entity consist mainly of the following. 

·  Where fixed fees are not agreed, the Arcanum Current Fee
Schedule, in conformity with the experience of the various
staff, shall apply.


·  Invoicing

·  Payroll administration


·  Invoicing and Payroll administration

·  Administrating bank accounts and cash management

·  Preparing interim financial reports, budgets and cash flow
   forecasts if required. If requested, on a quarterly basis


·  Preparing tax returns (Corporate Income Tax, VAT, etc.).

·  Filing tax returns, correspondence with Dutch Tax authorities

·  Extension agreement with Dutch Tax authorities


·  Preparation of shareholder and board resolutions

·  Preparation of contracts and powers to operate the company
   if required

·  Mergers & Acquisitions 

·  Joint Venture agreements

·  Divestments, Dissolutions and Liquidations

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