All usual corporate and private client services, such as rendering domicile & management, corporate legal services, administration, accounting, tax and trust services are rendered at agreed fixed and competitive rates by our family trust company "Arcanum Management & Company Services B.V. ", established at Amsterdam, with Dutch Central Bank licence since 15 April 2009.

Welcome to the Arcanum family!

Arcanum's fees are established on a case to case basis. Arcanum shall charge as agreed.

Arcanum is independent. Arcanum is flexible, offering corporate and private clients efficient and cost saving integrated solutions to their cross border problems. Arcanum uses tried and tested techniques and delivers tangible results, instead of making empty promises.

Arcanum arranges all aspects of the formation and management of Dutch and foreign entities and trusts, including acquiring rulings and co-ordinating with legal and tax advisers and notaries, banks and accountants. Arcanum has access to global networks with experts in the financial field such as reputable bankers, investment funds, notaries, tax advisers, accountants firms and attorneys. 

Arcanum's business philosophy is to create and maintain a close and friendly relationship with its clients. On a regular basis our clients talk with us about their ideas, business plans and business developments.

Arcanum's experts are committed to excellence but also to loyalty. Arcanum's dedicated team provides a broad range of expert company services. Arcanum's team also assists in the development of international financial plans for individual clients and of specialized corporate financial structures, serving clients’ legitimate objectives of asset protection, estate planning and efficient international cash management.

Arcanum's multi-disciplinary team is headed by Arnold Hoegen Dijkhof.

Dutch Chamber of Commerce No: 30145617.






Contact address
T: +31 - (0) 20 - 462 4070
F: +31 - (0) 20 - 462 4080
De Lairessestraat 156
1075 HL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Arcanum believes in optimism, perseverance and perfection! 





Corporations and high net worth individuals and their advisers nowadays often receive offers from many firms to form a company in offshore centre X or to establish one's domicile in offshore centre Y.  What are the criteria to opt for X instead of Q, etc? An attempt to handle this problem of choice, is to apply the following tentative list of 15 criteria:
01. Political stability: we have it in Amsterdam.
02. Just and predictable legislation: we have it in Amsterdam.
03. Economic stability: we have it in Amsterdam.
04. Good international business climate: we have it in Amsterdam. 
05. Competitive cost structure: we have it in Amsterdam. 
06. Good tax legislation for corporations and private persons: we have it in Amsterdam.
07. Flexible corporate regimes: we have it in Amsterdam.
08. Attractive tax climate: we have it in Amsterdam. 
09. Extensive double tax treaties network: we have it in Amsterdam
10. Good bank facilities and free movement of capital: we have it in Amsterdam.
11. Good communication facilities: we have it in Amsterdam.
12. Strategic location with good connections: we have it in Amsterdam. 
13. Confidentiality: we have it in Amsterdam.
14. Highly trained eager and friendly multi-lingual and flexible work force: we have it in Amsterdam. 
15. Attractive visa program for non EU nationals: we have it in Amsterdam.
Compare Amsterdam with other offshore centres along these criteria and the result is: have it in Amsterdam. Come and get it! 
Of course the final choice also depends very much on the circumstances of the case.
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